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119: lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny, part four. One

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For some reason this comic makes me think of Minute Physics. I like that show. Now they have a thing called Minute Earth too… and there are versions in Spanish too. Yay!


117: Lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny, part 3. Eggs

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Bunnies know a thing or two about eggs 😉

Imaginary Shark and her Husbandface took me to Rabbit Haven and I got to give snuggles to ALL the bunnies! It was very cute and delightful. There were some baby bunnies and an adult or too who were quite spoingey and strangely enough my pink bunny drawings have a little extra spoing now…

113: Spoing!

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BuNSOn’s pretty good at finding things 🙂

112: lost

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108: funny bunny

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Kylie asked for deformed rabbit, see what you have done?

My own shadow puppets are little bit more melancholic.