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118: loud

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On days that are loud, may the Things eat the noises for you.

Also OMG only a dozen more comics to meet my pledge of 130 comics in a year!… yes, animated giffs count as comics!!! They’re totally sequential, a special kind of sequential, that’s totally a comic and not animation.

During the Clarion Write-a-thon last year the Things Without Arms and Without Legs were born. I created 19 comics as part of my challenge. In the last week, and in a madcap attempt to reach $400 I said I would create one comic for every $1 I raised in those last gasps… Madness! But a good kind of madness and a madness that kept me creating when having a nap might have been easier. $111 were pledged and so I’d need to create a grand total of 130 comics by June 23 2013.

Sometimes that number has felt huge, sometimes it has felt manageable. I fell off the comics making wagon in November and it took me a long time to get back on the wagon. I didn’t dare calculate the numbers, I just hoped that doing an update every second day would get me there. I also misremembered the number of comics I had to do and was convinced I needed to create 140 comics, not 130!… so anyway, I checked the figures, I’ve dared to look up and I’m so happy. I hope to keep creating these comics and I hope you’re enjoying the ride.

117: Lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny, part 3. Eggs

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Bunnies know a thing or two about eggs 😉

Imaginary Shark and her Husbandface took me to Rabbit Haven and I got to give snuggles to ALL the bunnies! It was very cute and delightful. There were some baby bunnies and an adult or too who were quite spoingey and strangely enough my pink bunny drawings have a little extra spoing now…

106: lend a hand?

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Thanks to Mike for inspiring this comic 🙂

91: Another Bunny? Part 3

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The adventures continue. In real life Bunson Hoppydew, Monorail Bunny and Biscuits Bunny had a very nice time hanging out at Key Rena during the last RatCity bout… Sometimes we must enjoy a little dramatic license with our small stuffed animals.

89: another bunny? Part 1

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The real life Bunson Hoppydew got to meet Monorail Bunny. Seattle Monorail are taking care of bunny that got lost. They’re still looking for his owner, but until he gets reunited Monorail Bunny has lots of fun adventures exploring Seattle

It’s been Bunson’s dream to meet Monorail Bunny (before Monorail Bunny was famous enough to have his own calendar!) and Bunson’s dream came true during a photoshoot with the Rat City Roller Girls!

Thank you Monorail Bunny and thank you Rat City for taking good care of your Non Skating Officials and their mascots!