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120: sad

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And here’s some more booping. I like head boops.


45: Bunny Feelings


This comic makes very little sense to my sweetheart. But if you have a squidy brain like mine it might make sense to you.

Related comics – or what’s the deal with the geometrical shapes?

30: Geometry


I was going to redraw this, I don’t like the line weight I used here and I think the Things could look better. But this cold of mine makes it hard. Hope you like them anyway 🙂

25: Feelings


The app Procreate has been frustrating me. Frustrating me so much that I have returned to sketchbook. Sketchbook may crash all the time, but it has lettering and it’s easy to scale & transform layers. Procreate is a very pretty application, but not quite right for for me.