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111: wait nine seconds – part 3

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How are you feeling?


110: wait nine seconds – part 2

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109: wait nine seconds – part 1

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Wait nine seconds part 1-3 was inspired by Bruce Livingston’s TEDx talk at Concordia University in Portland. Bruce is the founder of PlayWrite. How often when we ask a question, of a child, of a student, of ourselves are we prepared to sit with uncomfortable silence? How long are we willing to wait to sit and listen and let an answer grow?

107: Hands

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Over on facebook Kylie offered to lend the Things her hands. Gold star to Kylie for being my muse today. My brain went in many directions with the concept of hand lending!

104: still trying

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If this comic doesn’t make sense to you you might want to read comic 85 “try” first.


Sometimes it takes a lot of beating your head against the wall before you get anywhere. I’m still trying to master mohawks and frustrated by my slow developing skills and mental discipline (why can’t I do all the things now! Practicing is hard!)